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Welcome to International Medical Billing and Management & Consulting, Inc. (IMB). We are a leading medical billing, management and consulting firm. We offer a comprehensive medical billing service which includes annual physician recredentialing.

IMB stands out in a marketplace dominated by outdated, and ineffective billing services and Practice Management Systems. Our objective is to increase your practice revenue through our unique approach of improved coding, increased charges through hospital audits, physician office operational improvements, and ehnaced back office operations and automation.

Why have we been so successful?
  • Increased Revenue: We typically increase revenue by improving the coding, and increasing charges through hospital audits.
  • Automated & Aggressive Approach to Collections: We are continually monitoring the status of the claim throughout the various segments of the revenue cycle management process. We take corrective action immediately at each level of completion.  This assures that it does not compromise or affect the timely payment of your claim.
  • Facilitators of Information: We pro-actively communicate with your practice so that you are always improving the way your practice operates.