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What can International Medical Billing do for you?

We will customize a package to fit the needs and growth of your individual office. We recognize every office has different areas of needed service; therefore different packages are customized and offered. Once we have spoken with you and addressed the needs of your office, we can provide you a breakdown of the package we feel would be most beneficial to your office.
Our office handles the complete start-up, consulting, management and/or software and hardware needed to set up your existing office or relocation.
Many physicians’ offices spend as much time on billing and collections as they do on patient care. The average physician collects less than 29% of the fees they are owed because of errors in billing and lack of internal follow-up on problematic claims.
Because of the changes in the medical industry and the mandatory compliance issues, your medical staff does not always have the time to attend training sessions, which results in a loss of revenue to your practice.
At IMB we can offer the following:
  • Practice management software
  • All claims are audited for accuracy
  • IMB handles all patient inquiries
  • Follow up on denials
  • Submission of claims
  • All charges & payments processed
  • Dedicated personnel working claims unpaid @ 30 days
We pride ourselves in successfully assisting our physician offices to keep their focus on high quality patient care while we handle the reimbursement of services rendered.