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International Medical Billing, Management & Consulting (IMB) Summary

We are unlike other billing services because we offer as an option the ability to host your full practice management and EHR software with no software licensing and support costs to your practice.

To carry out these services, our well trained staff works closely to provide the best in class billing and management expertise. We process claims and provide detailed follow-up for all of our clients. We believe the job is not complete until all claims have been settled in a timely fashion. Therefore, our aggressive approach to collecting what is due and payable to our physicians has been a favorable asset to our well-oil machine. IMB also works directly with insurance companies to provide properly submitted claims and documentation as needed.
IMB is also in the business of providing advocacy for clients may be in need of assistance in working out solutions with physicians that benefit all. Our staff is well trained in customer service relations and works very hard to maintain a professional relationship with all parties involved.

Additionally, we work with our offices regarding HIPAA and compliance issues. This insures all offices are aware of and working with a step-by-step approach to develop and implement a plan for compliance. With the use of these standards, the efficiency and effectiveness of health care programs will increase by providing enhanced protection for individual, identifiable health information.

Overall, IMB is here to serve the needs of the rapidly growing healthcare community. We are facilitators of information who have engaged in a life-long learning process. The opportunities for continuing education in healthcare are endless. IMB deems it important to share knowledge, as it is gain.