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I had known about IMB for many years prior wishing the doctor I worked for would use them and then I got laid off from that practice for not being happy with how things were being handled by another agency. I was worried about the doctor getting into trouble with how things were coded and being billed.

Then one day I met a wonderful doctor with the heart of gold who wanted to do things the right way. I introduced him to Terry Salz, the President of IMB and he was impressed from the interview. We have been using IMB for since 2004. As an office manager I would highly recommend them to any practice. It has allowed me to keep the office running smoothly and has allowed me to also keep up with my clinical skills. They provide services above and beyond what other billing agencies do. They keep my contracts straight all the way to keeping the money coming in on time. When the office goes EMR, we will still use IMB for all of our billing needs. For a small to medium practice it is much cheaper than doing in office billing.

Deniece Jozefiak, CMA (AAMA)
Office Manager for Arturo Rodriguez-Martin, M.D.

Like most doctors, I find the details of billing and collections to be a daunting task. IMB has put that anxiety to rest. Their detailed reports have helped shape my business plan. They have helped in the formation of accounting and billing policies for my practice. I have been impressed by their work ethic and tenaciousness at getting fees collected. It has been a pleasure working with IMB.

Mabel Lopez, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist/Neuropsychologist
Director of Mental Health Services-Florida Spine and Brain
Chief of Psychiatry/Psychology Section-Lee Memorial Health Systems

After almost ten years since hiring you, I think it's time to say thank you again. I knew in those first few months, that a billing person who is doing 90% of her work after hours at home, at no extra salary, was wasting her time in the office during the day. After setting you up as an independent biller, I couldn't believe how quickly you went from two accounts to twenty. The amazing thing was that I never would have known how big your business grew because there was never a lag in my office collections. I guess everyone in town knew who the best was. I've always referred to you as the "pitbull of medical billing" because I've heard you on the phone demand your way all the way up to the CFO of the insurance company at times to get my claims paid. I also remember how you scolded some of the other spouses trying to "help" teaching them that the "right code" is always the code that gets you paid. You are truly the best at what you do, because no matter how much or how few dollars are at stake, you always pursued it as if it were your own claim. You know how I've seen billing people at big practices, like my wife's, write things off because they were "too small to worry about" or "too much trouble" but those words were never in your vocabulary.

Dr. Stampar
A board certified ENT and Plastic Surgeon

I have been a Physical Therapist for over 15 years and I have been involved in the management of clinics for the same length of time.
I am confident when I say that in all the years of experience I have, Terry and her team @ IMB do an outstanding job for the billing of my company. We do not experience rejections from 3rd party payers and the communications is fantastic. Terry’s team is very knowledgeable and they are always available to explain to us or our clients any questions or doubts we may have. I highly recommend IMB services to all in the medical field!!! 

Gabriel A. Weber,
Therapy One

“Terry was an excellent medical biller when I met her and then became the ultimate expert as she developed her own business. She went from my one office to 20+ offices in just a few years and I never saw a drop in my own collections as she grew. She is tenacious and goes after your money like it is her own, every penny counts. She knows most of the people who write the checks at the insurance companies and doesn't hesitate to pick up the phone and talk until they give in and put the check in the mail. She knows the codes that pay and gets the claim in right the first time. No one I know is more current or talented at medical billing. She is also an expert at all office set up and compliance. I couldn't recommend anyone more highly.” November 18, 2011Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value  Michael Stampar D.O.,
hired Terry as a Medical biller in 1998

“Terry is a dedicated, knowledgeable professional in the medical billing and coding field. I have known Terry for over 15 years relating to medical billing and coding with primary physician practices. I was fortunate to work with Terry for a period of time in her company which she has shown a unique commitment in providing accurate information, policies and procedures to her clients as well as to her employees.
Terry is an information tool regarding medical billing and coding issues, information, rules, and regulations. She is always available to the Medical Assistant Association on a local and state level for continuing educational credits.
Terry is a professional who shows comittement, dedication, organization, and reliability in her field of expertise, medical billing and coding in all aspects and specialities.”
November 18, 2011 
reported to Terry at International Medical Billing Management & Consulting,Inc 

“Working with Terry at International Medical Billing has been a great experience for our business.
Working closely with IMB for the last 2 years, we have learned what technology issues that medical practices face and most importantly how important those issue are to the uptime of the practice.
Terry Salz from IMB has been a valuable resource of knowledge. From ICD9 and the upcoming ICD10 diagnosis codes, to office flow and how medical billing affects a medical practice.
The staff and management is always on top of any news in the industry and I always recommend IMB to my clients.”
November 10, 2011 
Alex Molitor, CIO,
Tech NO Babble IT & Marketing Solutions

was a consultant or contractor to Terry at International Medical Billing Management & Consulting,Inc 

“Terry Salz is an established business woman who has spent years learning and doing in the medical billing and consulting profession. She is extremely professional, provides high-quality services to her clients as far as process, protocols, and everyday workings of medical management, billing, and professional services. In addition, Terry provides updated education to her clients and their staff. She is always on the cutting edge and current with research in the field and ways in which to proceed to best serve her clients.
I have worked with Terry in an educational aspect of providing consulting and speaking engagements. Her attention to detail far surpasses many I have had occasion to work with in the past and the information provided is relevant and complete. If you are searching for a medical billing firm or a consultant in this field that provides the best - Terry is the person you should call.”
November 17, 2011 
Kym Sheehan, Curriculum & Instruction Specialist - Language Arts & Literacy, Charlotte County Public Schools
was with another company when working with Terry at International Medical Billing Management & Consulting,Inc 

“Excellent service for my company. Terry and her team provide me with peace of mind when it comes to billing and accounting. They take care of my clients well and their team is very well trained and up to date with all the healthcare changes” November 15, 2011Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time  
Gabriel Weber,
hired Terry as a Business Consultant in 2010

“I have known Terry Salz for many years. She is a true professional and has always been an advocate for physicians and patients. Her knowledge is broad and extensive. I highly recommend Ms. Salz in any professional capacity.” November 15, 2011
Pat Garriton,
Executive Director, Charlotte County Medical Society, Inc.
was with another company when working with Terry at International Medical Billing Management & Consulting,Inc 

“Terry embodies the word professionalism and is a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and expertise in the medical industry makes her an invaluable resource, and her attention to detail and thoroughness is second to none. Her ability to think of others before herself makes her the perfect person to be around and work with.” November 15, 2011 
Matt Sprung, Financial Consultant, Transworld Systems
was a consultant or contractor to Terry at International Medical Billing Management & Consulting,Inc 

“Terry's organization works in depth in their process 24-7. Whatever it takes, they come through in a truly compassionate and professional manor. More like a partner or family member than a vender. With Terry rings success!” November 14, 2011Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
Jeanne Ferguson,
hired Terry as a Business Consultant in 2010, and hired Terry more than once

“Terry is very professional, detail-oriented and hard working. I have never met someone so dedicated to her business. We have worked closely for almost 3 years and I would challenge you to find someone more knowledgeable in the medical billing field.” November 12, 2011 
Lisa Molitor,
Owner, TechnoBabble Computer & Web Design
was a consultant or contractor to Terry at International Medical Billing Management & Consulting,Inc

“It will be hard to find more expert help in medical coding and collections than Terry Salz. Accountability, accessibility, affordability...all come to mind right out-of-the-box. Clearly a bright light in the often dim illumination of claims adjudication & collection.” December 1, 2011Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity 1s
Eric Gerken,
hired Terry as a billing service in 2007

“Terry is extremely knowledgeable in medical billing. She is flexible, informative, helpful and available to her clients. She provides a great service at a reasonable price and performs her services with integrity.”
November 28, 2011Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value 1st
Pamela J. Letts,
hired Terry as a medical billing service in 2003